C anna bliss by jackanddannysgirl-d5nyx30

Made for me by JackandDannysGirl on Deviantart

Hey ya'll! I'm Anna, and I go to Anubis house. Eddie and Patricia are like my brother and sister. Willow is my actual sister (we are identical twins,but I dye my hair to black). My other sister,Avery, and my parents were killed by my uncle, Rufus Zeno. I had to spend 6 years in a mental hospital because of him! Blaming me for killing them..phh. Needless to say, I hate him. I live in New Orleans when I'm not in school. I was born in England, but I spend so much time in America that I've sort of picked up a southern accent. Dancing and singing are my life! Oh and did I mentin I'm the daughter of Anubis? No? Oh uhh nothing!


I get told a lot that I look like Willow, but tan and have brown hair with blonde highlights. My eyes are also baby blue, not green.

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