Daniel Rutter
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 18
Status At Anubis House
Physical attributes
Height unknown
Weight unknown

Daniel Rutter

Hello i am Daniel Rutter and i am controlled by Daniel Viglietti. I am currently aged 18 and i am staying at Anubis House. I am currently the chosen one it is my last year i am teaming up with Brandon Miller to stop evil. Please Click Here to join my sibuna gang. My care takers left to protect the Touchstone Of Ra i wonder how our new headmaster will be. My Controller is an Admin, Beauracrat and Founder. I currently own The Eye Of Horus and The Ultimate Eye Of Horus which belonged to the Ancient Gods. After i leave the school my sister will come and she will be the new chosen one.


I thought miss denby was acting strange. She was trying to awaken frobisher. I stopped it but it doesnt mean it wont happen again.

Classes I Am Taking

Science - Period 1

Buissness Studies - Period 2

Math - Period 3

English - Period 4

Advance Math - Period 5

History - Period 6

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