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This is for daniel rutters homework. Do not tamper with others homework or you are blocked.

Homework Status: Completed

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Put Milk in a bowl/plate add food colouring and add dishwashing liquid.

Buisiness Studies

Check out the recipie choclate devil cupcakes.




I read the Green Lantern Rise Of The Third Army Issue 1. It tells us about a new adventure with green lantern, Green Lantern Guardians. Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

Ad. Math



There are two types of eclipses the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse Brightens The Sun, The Solar Darkens The Sun. The eclipse is the moon passing over the sun. Riddle: When the dark sun is born in the english sky the children of children sleep the day by give the loop of fire to the sleeping man and the dark sun of egypt shall rise again.

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