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The Ultimate Eye Of Horus

As leader we have a quest. We need to sneak out of the school grounds into the woods and find the touchstone of Ra. We need to find it before team evil. Otherwise it is all over. Lets Begin. The Leader Of The Gang. Daniel Viglietti

Daniel Rutter ExperienceEdit

It was creepy we found the stone but then team evil came out of nowhere i had to run out of there. I finally made it back to anubis. I stopped the great evil. Anubis House is once again safe, (for now). The Daniel Rutter Sibuna Gang Quest. Has only just beginned. 

Blake Williamson's Ex.Edit

           Wll i was running away from Mara and Fabian . I prayed that Nina was here. God sure did help me. Instead KT was there. She got my loket and told me that i was the Horusian (based of the sky god Horus) Appreantly

KT - Isisian

Nina- Paragon

Eddie- Osirian

Patricia- Sekhmetian

Fabian- Thothian



Alfie- Sobekian


So I met daniel back at Anubis House. We came up w/ a plan.

Dan gets KT

I find Nina.. She must be here.

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