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The Ultimate Eye Of Horus

I just found our second quest. We have to find the "Golden Falcon of Horus. Guess what The Academy of Eygptian Arts( unnamed boarding school) has a college campus not too far from here.

Part 1- Enrollment

  We are already enrolled at the univeristy. So we need to meet up w/ and yeah I mean it, NINA!!! So meet up w/ Neens and Eddie.

Part 2- First Clue

What is the room you leave without entering? 

When you answer this go to the Golden Light

Blake's Ex.

               " It was very cool at the uni. I said hi to everyone. Then I saw Nina. I gave her a big hug"

Nina- Hey Blake

Me - Nina

We had a great time until Slimeball came in.

Eddie - Nina whats up

Nina- Hey Osirian

He had a bad look on his face

Eddie - Hey Blakey

Me- Only Patricia calls me that 

I leave and I answer the Q&A- womb.

Then my locket gets very cold . A golden light appears out of nowhere.

I follow the light and it shows a secret room only activated by my locket.

I go in.

I find the beak of the falcon.

Can't wait to show Danny and the Others.

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