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The Clubs Symbol

There was previously a big storm and then i went outside and heard a voice it said "The Gods are being revived the world is in danger". Then there was another storm and i saw the gods Anubis, Isis, Hathor, Neith,  Horus, Osiris, Sekhmet, Thoth and Sobek. It is up to me and my Sibuna gang to stop them from destroying the world and taking over.

Daniels ExperienceEdit

Okay so after i heard the voice there was another storm and i saw 9 gods. I realised 7 gods were the gods who represented the tunnel tasks and two of them were other gods. So me, anna and blake went down to the tunnels and Brandon being the osirian followed osiris and anubis. Me, Anna and Blake went to the oven i put my ultimate eye of horus locket in the whole then i realised it wasnt the right locket. Blake tried his locket it didnt work. Then i used the original eye of horus and it opened. We went to the alcove shelf and i put in "1890" and it opened. We explored the task we decided to stop them we would need to have an artifact to represent them so we grabbed six amulets, the mask of anubis, the staff of osiris and the artifact of isis. After we found brandon we struck each gods with the artifact and they all vanished back to their land. Me and Blake decided to give Anna and Brandon an eye of horus so i gave brandon The Posesser Eye Of Horus which makes people do what you need and he swore to use it only for good and anna The De-Posesser Eye Of Horus un-posesses people if they are evily posessed.

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