We need to get down into the Cellar through the Antechamber into frobishers, tomb through the tunnel entrance and then cast a spell to open a portal through the tomb into Ancient Egypt.

Daniel's ExperienceEdit

We tried the locket to open the oven passage but it was padlocked. Obviously, Victor found out. There was one more option. I got Blake to distract him by knocking over the sarcophagus. Victor came down and it gave me 20 seconds in his office. I ran in grabbed his keys off the desk opened the keybox and grabbed the spare Cellar key. I replaced it with a fake key and hid in my room. After Victor went back to his office I called my gang and we were ready. I managed to sneak KT's key out of her bag. We dodged the beam and made it to the door. I put the key in the lock and opened the door. We casted the spell which was two latin words. Aperi Ostium which means open the portal. There was an earth quake and we were all on the ground stopping ourselves from getting killed. Suddenly the top of the coffin opened and there was a portal in it. We were all ready to jump in but Victor came behind us.


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