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Very special thanks to SunriseDaisy for advertising this wiki on the homepage of the house of anubis wikia. 

Lost Property

Click Here to view the current items that need to be found.

Text Books

To recieve your text books go to the book copy it and make a page just for your text book. E.G go to science copy everything make a new page called e.g Annas Science Book. then paste the info from the original and add it to your book inventory on your personal character page. A message will be out when the books are completed.

Dont forget these wikias made by the admins of this one

How to start your experience.

  1. Create your character and character page. (E.G- Character Name Louisa Denby) (Character Page name Louisa Denby)
  2. Choose your classes- full list of classes coming soon. Add what classes you are doing on your character page. 6 classes only.
  3. Choose a house- Either Anubis House, Isis House, Mut House, Hathor House, Ammut House.
  4. Start a sibuna gang (E.G if your character name is Louisa Denby then make a new page called Louisa Denbys Sibuna Gang)
  5. Category- You need to add the stuff you make to your own personal category (e.g if your character name is louisa denby put all the pages you make for louisa denby in a category called louisa denby)
  6. Enjoy.

Welcome to the House Of Anubis Roleplaying Wiki

Made by the admins of house of anubis wikia. This wiki is for house of anubis roleplaying. Create your character. Create your character page. Choose your classes. Choose your House. Start your Sibuna gang. Leave your character name to Luckybrandon100 or Daniel Viglietti.


Daniel Viglietti, Luckybrandon100, Smartrobo1, SongofHathor, Hoa100.


The new homework is out.


Daniel Rutter-Anubis House

Brandon Miller-Anubis House

Blake Williamson-Anubis House

Anna Bliss-Anubis House

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